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Case study: PwC Markets (Client Experiences)

Barangaroo Client Experience Project

Brand used Vibe Surveys as a tool for face to face client surveys. Vibe was used to gather client feedback on their experiences when visiting the PwC Sydney office. The insight gained has helped shape how the client journey will evolve at Barangaroo.

The team created a survey of ten questions, ranging from basic demographics to free text responses. Questions were asked by a Markets representative and the answers were keyed into an iPad. Around 100 interviews were facilitated and the data and graphics populated were used in a summary pack, presented to the EB and Barangaroo steering committee.

The information gathered through Vibe Surveys will have a direct impact on the entire client experience at Barangaroo. The survey allowed the team to optimise the client experience, providing insight from the moment the client arrived at the precinct, right through to their exiting the building.

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